Sunday, 6 November 2011

Password protection for iStayHealthy

Upon popular demand I am now working on enabling password protection for iStayHealthy. I'll enable this first in the iPhone version, then the Android version.

For a while I have been resisting this step. My main rationale was: we have a lot of very sensitive data on the phone. E.g. mails, contacts, phone/SMS logs etc. If we imagine that all these apps were password enabled - it would render the usability of the phone quite cumbersome.

However, I do recognise that health data - and in particular data relating to HIV are very sensitive. Therefore, the new versions will include a Settings tool - from where users can enable password protection for the app should they so wish.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Android Maintenance version 1.0.2 on Android Market

I had to publish a maintenance update for iStayHealthy on Android today.
Version 1.0.2 addresses the following 2 issues:

  1. A possible crash when iStayHealthy is started while the phone is in landscape mode. This has been fixed. This also means that iStayHealthy can now run on tablets and later versions of Android (although the app is not optimised for tablet screen sizes).
  2. For smaller screen sizes, i.e. a density per inch of 120 or less the chart in the Charts Tab looked a bit squashed. Solution: I rearranged the Chart Tab for smaller screen sizes to allow more space for the graphics. 
Also - I submitted iStayHealthy to the Amazon Android market today. The app is currently under review.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Android version of iStayHealthy is published

I just published the first Android version of my app iStayHealthy on Android Market today.
Check out iStayHealthy on the Android Market!

The Android version has similar levels of functionality compared with its iOS counterpart.
Differences are

  • version 1.0.0 iStayHealthy for Android doesn't have DropBox backups enabled. This will come with another version
  • but version 1.0.0 iStayHealthy allows users to record side effects and not just missed medications. This is only available on Android - but I will make that available on the next iOS version, too.