Sunday, 26 June 2011

Android version of iStayHealthy

The demands for an Android version of iStayHealthy have been growing steadily. Hardly surprising - as Android is a fast growing and increasingly popular mobile platform.
Already it has overtaken Symbian - for a long while front runner as far as smartphone platforms are concerned.

Porting applications from one platform to another is not simply a matter of copy & paste. Android is fundamentally different to iOS (iPhone). So the application will need to be revamped to cater for a different environment.

Luckily Google has made development for Android easy. E.g. there is the programming environment - which is Java and XML. Both standard languages (as opposed to Objective-C which is more or less used only by Apple).

I'll start work on the Android version within the next couple of days. I anticipate it'll take me the summer to get it done. So this year should see iStayHealthy both on Android and iOS platforms.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Give It Up

Just released a new iPhone app on iTunes. Give It Up.
Give It Up is an app commissioned by the Terrence Higgins Trust - the leading HIV charity in the UK.

Give It Up connects users up with Terrence Higgins Trust
  • through its Web-site (
  • through its Helpline (THT Direct) - (+44) 0808 802 1221 (free from within the UK)
  • through its Facebook page
Oh and users can also support the Trust by donating £1 directly from the app.
(a feature enabled through Just Giving)

The Terrence Higgins Trust is a registered Charity in the UK
Reg. England & Wales: 288527
Reg. Scotland SC09986

Sunday, 12 June 2011

iStayHealthy versions 1 And Beyond

After recent upgrades to iStayHealthy this is what's going to happen next:
  • localised versions. My initial plan is to bring out a German version, followed by French and Spanish.
  • how to sync your iStayHealthy data with other devices? Let's be honest: in today's market we hardly stay with one device for more than 2 years (if that long). Also, we may have more than one. So how can I share my iStayHealthy data with all new and extra mobile devices? Part of the answer lies in Apple's recent announcement of iCloud. Apple being Apple, iCloud promises to sync data/documents from iPhone (iOS) apps seamlessly . The other part of the solution is to choose another cloud service, that makes users independent from Apple's services - e.g. in case they want to move to say Android.
  • Talking of Android: yes, there will be an Android version of iStayHealthy. Anticipated launch will be towards the end of this year.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

iStayHealthy 1.1.1 Submitted today

I submitted a new maintenance release of iStayHealthy today. This addresses the following issues:
  1. 'Undetectable' Viral Loads didn't show up in the viral load charts. Fixed.
  2. 'Undetectable' text font changed in charts to make it more readable.
  3. Adding a non-HIV drug in 'Other Meds' - the start date cell didn't work. Fixed.
  4. Adding an alert - changing the label text reverted to the original after changing Repeats or Sounds. This is fixed, and the label text remains.
  5. Changing the alert: the sound file name had its file extension (.caf) added. This could lead to multiple additions, e.g. xylophone.caf.caf. This has been fixed, and no extension is added.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

iStayHealthy 1.1 available on iTunes

The new version (1.1) of iStayHealthy is now available for download from iTunes. As mentioned before the new version has a number of improvements:
  • medication list (HIV drugs) is completely reworked. Each medication is listed with a photo for ease of identification. Users can also select all the combination drugs they have been prescribed in one.
  • Make a note in case you forget to take your medication. Simply click on your HIV drugs in the HIV drugs tab and enter the date when you forgot to take them. A feature you hopefully won't need to make use of.
  • CD4 % is now listed as well as CD4 count and Viral Load.

Known issues:
There are 2 minor issues that crept into the last version.
  1. undetectable Viral Loads will not show up in the charts.
  2. when adding other (non HIV) medication the Date cell doesn't bring up the date selector.
I fixed both issues and will submit a maintenance release (v1.1.1) to Apple iTunes within the next couple of days.