Thursday, 2 June 2011

iStayHealthy 1.1 available on iTunes

The new version (1.1) of iStayHealthy is now available for download from iTunes. As mentioned before the new version has a number of improvements:
  • medication list (HIV drugs) is completely reworked. Each medication is listed with a photo for ease of identification. Users can also select all the combination drugs they have been prescribed in one.
  • Make a note in case you forget to take your medication. Simply click on your HIV drugs in the HIV drugs tab and enter the date when you forgot to take them. A feature you hopefully won't need to make use of.
  • CD4 % is now listed as well as CD4 count and Viral Load.

Known issues:
There are 2 minor issues that crept into the last version.
  1. undetectable Viral Loads will not show up in the charts.
  2. when adding other (non HIV) medication the Date cell doesn't bring up the date selector.
I fixed both issues and will submit a maintenance release (v1.1.1) to Apple iTunes within the next couple of days.

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