Sunday, 12 June 2011

iStayHealthy versions 1 And Beyond

After recent upgrades to iStayHealthy this is what's going to happen next:
  • localised versions. My initial plan is to bring out a German version, followed by French and Spanish.
  • how to sync your iStayHealthy data with other devices? Let's be honest: in today's market we hardly stay with one device for more than 2 years (if that long). Also, we may have more than one. So how can I share my iStayHealthy data with all new and extra mobile devices? Part of the answer lies in Apple's recent announcement of iCloud. Apple being Apple, iCloud promises to sync data/documents from iPhone (iOS) apps seamlessly . The other part of the solution is to choose another cloud service, that makes users independent from Apple's services - e.g. in case they want to move to say Android.
  • Talking of Android: yes, there will be an Android version of iStayHealthy. Anticipated launch will be towards the end of this year.

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