Monday, 31 October 2011

Next version of iStayHealthy

The Android version of iStayHealthy is in its final testing round and should be released within the first week of November.
Time to think about further improvements for iStayHealthy. 
The next iPhone/iPad version will include the following
  • password protect/lock the application. A number of you have requested this and I will make this available with the next version
  • listing side effects. Meaning, that in addition to allowing users to put down any dates when they missed to take their medication - they will be able to list any adverse side effects they might encounter. This will be particularly useful at the beginning of the therapy
  • include more medical data in the result section: at the moment only CD4, CD4% and Viral Load. I will include a number of other blood results (like blood cell count, liver values, cholesterol)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

iStayHealthy v2.0.2 available on iTunes

The new version is now available from iTunes AppStore. With this the all the remaining iOS 5 issues should be resolved - as well as some minor improvements.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

iStayHealthy v2.0.2 Submitted to Apple

Further fixes to make iStayHealthy work smoothly on iOS 5.
I submitted another maintenance release today. This will include the following

  • Fix 1: empty cells when editing an existing Result, Alert or Other Medication.
  • Fix 2: When selecting a sound in the Add/Edit Alert tool, the sound continued to play even when exiting the tool. 
  • Fix 3: In Edit Alert - sometimes the previously selected sound wasn't ticked (checkboxed)
  • Fix 4: In Edit Alert - the time label would always show the current time - instead of the previously set alert time
In addition to that I 
  1. modified the Other Medication tool slightly. Users can now change the name as well as the dose. I did that because sometimes the same medication may come in different names - even though it still is the same drug.
  2. Cleaned up most of the graphics elements. Mostly, because they were too big. 

With this iStayHealthy should be working absolutely fine on iOS 5 - just as it did on iOS4.

iStayHealthy v2.0.1 is out and available

version 2.0.1 of iStayHealthy is out and available on iTunes as of last night.
It resolves the unexpected crashes with setting/modifying repeats and sounds for notifications/alerts.

Still, there remain a couple of niggling issues:

  • sound plays on - even if you leave the Add Alert menu
  • the edit alert menu doesn't seem to take in the data from the alert it is supposed to edit.
I will work towards a speedy resolution for these problems, too.

And hopefully, hopefully we get around all these iOS 5 issues.

iOS 5 Glitches

There seems to be a number of people experiencing problems with upgrading their iPhones/iPads/iPods to iOS5.

One of the problems I encountered is, that upgrading to iOS 5 seems to loose iStayHealthy from the apps. I wonder if other people experienced the same problem.

I then reinstalled the app. It seems that all the data I put into the app previously have been saved. So there is no need to put them in again. 

Apparently, something must have gone wrong in the upgrade/syncing process.

So - message is: if you can't find the app on your iPhone/iPad after upgrading to iOS 5. simply reinstall the app. Your data should still be there.

And as mentioned in a previous blog: don't forget to set your Notifications in the Device Settings menu - in case you have any alerts (as I do).

Sunday, 16 October 2011

What happened to my alerts on iOS5?

iOS 5  for iPhones/iPads has a new Notification Center tool. This is a very flexible tool. However, per default application alerts and notifications are disabled. This means, after you upgraded your iPhone/iPad to version iOS 5.0 you need to enable your preset alerts in the Notification Tool. 

Follow the steps below
  1. Select the 'Settings' tool on your device
  2. Select Notifications
  3. Select iStayHealthy
  4. Switch 'Notifications Center' to On 

iOS 5 hat ein neues Mitteilungen Tool. Damit alle Deine iStayHealthy Weckereinstellungen funktionieren muss dieses Tool aktiviert werden. Dieses kann mit den folgenden einfachen Schritten bewerkstelligt werden:

  1. Auf dem Home Screen klicke auf 'Einstellungen'
  2. In Einstellungen wähle Mitteilungen aus
  3. In Mitteilungen wähle iStayHealthy aus
  4. In iStayHealthy schalte den Mitteilungen Schalter auf an

Avis important: vous devrez activer des alarmes dans le nouvel outil des notifications sur votre appareil. aller à la
Réglages-> Notifications-> iStayHealthy
pour activer les alertes, les sons et la notification.


Aviso Importante: Usted necesitará para activar las alertas EN LA HERRAMIENTA DE NOTIFICACIONES nueva en el dispositivo. Ir a
Ajustes-> Notificaciones-> iStayHealthy
Para activar las alertas, los sonidos y la notificación.

iStayHealthy v 2.0.1 submitted to fix iOS5 issues

While fixing the issues with setting alerts on iStayHealthy I also revamped the Add/Edit Alert tool. It is now all in one view - rather than having to switch between separate views to set repeats and sounds.

Also, in the Charts (Summary) tool: you can now switch between CD4, CD4% and Viral Load charts by selecting the rows above - in addition to the little buttons on top of the chart.

Friday, 14 October 2011

iStayHealthy iOS5 Problems Found

As I mentioned in the last blog, iStayHealthy crashes when trying to change the default Repeats/Sounds settings in the Alerts tool.
This only happens on the new iOS5 - and it doesn't affect any existing alerts you already set on your system.

I now found what the problem is and will make a new maintenance release available within the next couple of days.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Setting Sound and Repeats on iStayHealthy for iOS 5

The new version of iOS has just been released. I upgraded my iPad this morning and tested iStayHealthy on the new version of iOS.

iStayHealthy works as before, except for 2 issues that I found on iOS 5. Both of them occur when setting/modifying alarms.

  1. When adding/editing an alert: I changed the default/preset Repeats setting. When selecting a different Repeat the app exits unexpectedly.
  2. When adding/editing an alert I changed the default/preset Sound setting. When selecting a different sound file the app exits unexpectedly.
Other functions of setting alerts are not affected, i.e. you can still set the label and time.

In view of that I will put out a maintenance release to fix this issue.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Test run on Android device

As announced earlier, I am currently working to port iStayHealthy to Android. Most of the functionality is there. So today I took the plunge and installed it on an actual device. The device in question is a Nexus One (HTC).

Result: the implemented functions work. Layout is not quite the same as on emulator -  so this still needs some work to make it actually look nice.