Monday, 31 October 2011

Next version of iStayHealthy

The Android version of iStayHealthy is in its final testing round and should be released within the first week of November.
Time to think about further improvements for iStayHealthy. 
The next iPhone/iPad version will include the following
  • password protect/lock the application. A number of you have requested this and I will make this available with the next version
  • listing side effects. Meaning, that in addition to allowing users to put down any dates when they missed to take their medication - they will be able to list any adverse side effects they might encounter. This will be particularly useful at the beginning of the therapy
  • include more medical data in the result section: at the moment only CD4, CD4% and Viral Load. I will include a number of other blood results (like blood cell count, liver values, cholesterol)

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