Sunday, 16 October 2011

What happened to my alerts on iOS5?

iOS 5  for iPhones/iPads has a new Notification Center tool. This is a very flexible tool. However, per default application alerts and notifications are disabled. This means, after you upgraded your iPhone/iPad to version iOS 5.0 you need to enable your preset alerts in the Notification Tool. 

Follow the steps below
  1. Select the 'Settings' tool on your device
  2. Select Notifications
  3. Select iStayHealthy
  4. Switch 'Notifications Center' to On 

iOS 5 hat ein neues Mitteilungen Tool. Damit alle Deine iStayHealthy Weckereinstellungen funktionieren muss dieses Tool aktiviert werden. Dieses kann mit den folgenden einfachen Schritten bewerkstelligt werden:

  1. Auf dem Home Screen klicke auf 'Einstellungen'
  2. In Einstellungen wähle Mitteilungen aus
  3. In Mitteilungen wähle iStayHealthy aus
  4. In iStayHealthy schalte den Mitteilungen Schalter auf an

Avis important: vous devrez activer des alarmes dans le nouvel outil des notifications sur votre appareil. aller à la
Réglages-> Notifications-> iStayHealthy
pour activer les alertes, les sons et la notification.


Aviso Importante: Usted necesitará para activar las alertas EN LA HERRAMIENTA DE NOTIFICACIONES nueva en el dispositivo. Ir a
Ajustes-> Notificaciones-> iStayHealthy
Para activar las alertas, los sonidos y la notificación.


  1. Can you update the Viral load where those of us that have to use the bDNA viral load rather than the tradition viral load can enter our numbers for tracking. The bDNA looks like 36,794, copies. Does this make sense?

  2. Hi
    it does make sense. And yes you can enter the data into iStayHealthy under 'Viral Load'.
    There are different viral load testing methods (assays) available, i.e. tests to establish the quantity of HIV virus in blood. In iStayHealthy you can use data independent of what the actual HIV Viral Load testing method is.

    Where Viral Load tests differ is the threshold below which HIV positive patients are declared 'undetectable'. Depending on the test this value may range from as low of 50 copies per m^3 of blood to e.g. 200 copies per m^3 of blood.

    I hope this makes sense to you?

    If you are interested in reading more about HIV Viral Load tests have a look at
    which gives an overview of various testing methods.