Thursday, 13 October 2011

Setting Sound and Repeats on iStayHealthy for iOS 5

The new version of iOS has just been released. I upgraded my iPad this morning and tested iStayHealthy on the new version of iOS.

iStayHealthy works as before, except for 2 issues that I found on iOS 5. Both of them occur when setting/modifying alarms.

  1. When adding/editing an alert: I changed the default/preset Repeats setting. When selecting a different Repeat the app exits unexpectedly.
  2. When adding/editing an alert I changed the default/preset Sound setting. When selecting a different sound file the app exits unexpectedly.
Other functions of setting alerts are not affected, i.e. you can still set the label and time.

In view of that I will put out a maintenance release to fix this issue.

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