Tuesday, 18 October 2011

iStayHealthy v2.0.2 Submitted to Apple

Further fixes to make iStayHealthy work smoothly on iOS 5.
I submitted another maintenance release today. This will include the following

  • Fix 1: empty cells when editing an existing Result, Alert or Other Medication.
  • Fix 2: When selecting a sound in the Add/Edit Alert tool, the sound continued to play even when exiting the tool. 
  • Fix 3: In Edit Alert - sometimes the previously selected sound wasn't ticked (checkboxed)
  • Fix 4: In Edit Alert - the time label would always show the current time - instead of the previously set alert time
In addition to that I 
  1. modified the Other Medication tool slightly. Users can now change the name as well as the dose. I did that because sometimes the same medication may come in different names - even though it still is the same drug.
  2. Cleaned up most of the graphics elements. Mostly, because they were too big. 

With this iStayHealthy should be working absolutely fine on iOS 5 - just as it did on iOS4.

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