Saturday, 4 June 2011

iStayHealthy 1.1.1 Submitted today

I submitted a new maintenance release of iStayHealthy today. This addresses the following issues:
  1. 'Undetectable' Viral Loads didn't show up in the viral load charts. Fixed.
  2. 'Undetectable' text font changed in charts to make it more readable.
  3. Adding a non-HIV drug in 'Other Meds' - the start date cell didn't work. Fixed.
  4. Adding an alert - changing the label text reverted to the original after changing Repeats or Sounds. This is fixed, and the label text remains.
  5. Changing the alert: the sound file name had its file extension (.caf) added. This could lead to multiple additions, e.g. xylophone.caf.caf. This has been fixed, and no extension is added.

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