Thursday, 3 March 2011

iStayHealthy is Approved and Available

Hi all,
great news. iStayHealthy is now available on iTunes - after Apple put its seal of approval on it.
You can find the application on the following link


  1. Peter, Thanks for this. I was emailed by my clinic and will promote this on our website and web presence. It made me laugh as I mentioned this type of technology approach to a leading HIV Charity. So WELL DONE for doing this.

    I would encourage this type of app across all smartphone platforms. Can you drop me your email address to as I want to put some things to you that may help with your project.


  2. Hi Peter

    Have you thought about adding a section for missed doses? I think this would be valuable when considering any knock-on rise in VL due to poor adherence ... just a thought

    Nice work!