Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Localizing iStayHealthy

Some gotcha's for localising iPhone apps:

In principle it is straight forward
  1. localise your NIB files (all ending .xib)
  2. localise your strings by putting them into a single .strings file
  3. localise any graphics etc.
What I found is
  • localising strings in .strings file. I experimented with different names. But only the default name - Localizable.strings - worked. Initially I used Localize.strings and the app didn't pick up any of them.
  • Making it work on Simulator takes a bit effort: a.) delete the app on the simulator, b.) in XCode clean your project and rebuild c.) install clean up in Simulator.
  • When switching the language in the Simulator, make sure that the App isn't running in XCode - it will crash otherwise
PS: iPhone Simulator works just like iOS devices. But here is a quick recap of how to delete apps and how to change language settings

Delete Apps on iPhone Simulator
  1. open Simulator
  2. click on the app on your home screen and keep the mouse/tap pressed down.
  3. the app will start to 'wobble' (as it would if you keep pressing on a real iOS device)
  4. hit the (X) button in the upper left corner.
  5. click ok when asked whether you want to delete it from the Simulator
Change Language on iPhone Simulator
  1. open Simulator
  2. go to home screen 'Settings' app
  3. select General->International->Language
  4. there change the language

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