Tuesday, 6 September 2011

iStayHealthy is approved DropBox App

I am now getting close to releasing iStayHealthy version 2. Just got words that DropBox approved it as a production app - which now allows me to distribute iStayHealthy as an iPhone/DropBox app.

This will allow users to backup/restore their data to and from DropBox with the new version of the app. Why DropBox and not iCloud?
Well - firstly, iCloud is not yet public (but it will be enabled in iStayHealthy once it is). And secondly, mobile users may not want to stay with Apple forever. What if they want to switch to another phone platform? Solutions like DropBox allows us to save data independent of what mobile device we use.

Some users also said they would like to send their results/data per e-mail. So I included this feature in version 2 as well. The data will be send as an attachment (in csv - i.e. comma separated values), which can be easily imported into programs such as Excel.

At this stage I am going through the translations for the language versions: French, Spanish, German and Italian. I haven't managed to get it translated into Portuguese yet.

Finally, I teamed up with POZ magazine . POZ magazine is the leading magazine for people living with HIV and they provide plenty of info and support.

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