Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Release Candidate for v3 of iStayHealthy/iPhone

Finished the Release Candidate for the new iPhone/iPad version of iStayHealthy last night - after ironing out the last couple of wrinkles.
I had to cut down some of the features I planned for the new version. But more about that later. Version 3.0 will have the following

  • Password enabled: users can set a passcode to protect the app from being used by people other than themselves. This was the number one on people's wish list
  • The 'Other Med' tab has been completely reworked. It now contains
    • Other Med - as before, this records any supplementary medication users want to record. Whereas before users could only specify [mg] unit as dose, they now can choose between [g], [mg], [ml].
    • Illness/Surgery: users can now record any other illnesses or infections as well as any surgeries/procedures.
    • Clinics: allows users to enter their basic clinic details. In particular their clinic ID, contact number/web-site/e-mail. Users can contact the clinic directly from the app
  • HIV Drugs tab: some changes
    • In addition to recording any missed medication, users can also record any side effects they encounter with their HIV medication.
    • the HIV tab has been slightly changed: instead of listing each individual missed medication (or side effect) it simply shows the number of recorded missed/side effects. 
  • Results
    • Viral Load for Hepatitis C co-infections can be recorded. 
  • Overall changes to the User Interface
  • Bug Fix: some of the selected HIV drugs didn't show their images in the summary HIV tab. This has now been rectified.


  1. hey what I think this app needs is a sync with doctors and hospitals. do you think you can get in touch with them. I CAN HELP. I LOVE THE APP. ITS HELLA COOL. VERY CREATIVE TOO. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO DISQUS. 415-534-JOEY

  2. Hi Joseph,
    great idea about syncing with doctors/hospital. I am working with a hospital/clinic in London, UK to do just that at the moment. One of the challenges we face is, that there doesn't seem to exist a standardised digital data format in health care but quite few different ones. Meaning, the way you sync up with one clinic may be different how you sync up with another. Maybe it's better in the US?

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