Thursday, 20 September 2012

iStayHealthy 3.2.0, iOS6 and iCloud

iStayHealthy version 3.2.0 for iOS has been released mid-September. It has a load of new features in it including

  • additional results for saving (cholesterol, blood sugar, weight, blood pressure, cell count)
  • more intuitive menu to store side effects/missed medication
  • store previous anti HIV meds
  • and some more stuff

Just after 3.2.0 was released, Apple made its new iOS version (iOS version 6) public. I have been testing iStayHealthy on iOS 6 and so far it seems to be fine.


One user reported that iStayHealthy hangs up/exits unexpectedly after upgrading to iOS6. I looked into it and it seems to be related to iCloud being enabled as well.
Apparently, the first time you start iStayHealthy after upgrading to iOS6 iCloud syncs up the data. But doesn't finish.

Here is what I did to get iStayHealthy started up again.
  1. Go to the Settings Menu on your Home Screen and select iCloud
  2. Choose 'Documents & Data' option.
  3. If this option is switched 'On' - set it to 'Off'.
  4. Exit the Settings Menu and restart iStayHealthy. This should now work.
  5. You may try to re-enable 'Document & Data' option for iCloud again.
In the meantime I will look for a way to ensure that the sync doesn't hang up at start-up time.

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