Wednesday, 17 October 2012

iStayHealthy version 3.2.1 problems

It looks like version 3.2.1 iStayHealthy for iOS still has some issues. The problems may look like this:

  • the app starts. After a while the data seem to disappear.
  • in a couple of cases users reported that the app crashes
The problem is still related to the syncing between the app and iCloud. 
The first syncing will take a bit longer. This may result in the data charts and results table not being refreshed properly.

Incidentally, when you restart the phone and app, the data reappear. 

I am really sorry about the problems and I will continue working on a solution.


  1. A couple of users reported that iStayHealthy would hang after they updated their device to iOS version 6. This happened when they had iCloud enabled at the same time.ways to unlock iphone 3gs

  2. Long-touch over the selected text not working on my Galaxy S2 either. Verifiable rubbish I'm sad to say. Maybe one day Android will include the rudimentary basics.
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